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Listening, learning and changing - thanks to your feedback

Your feedback really does matter to us.
Not only do we ask you if you would recommend us to a friend or colleague, but we read every comment that you make and use your suggestions to improve our products and services.
This page illustrates just some of the most recent changes we have made specifically as a result of your feedback, so please do keep telling us what you think.

Improvements Feedback

Support Calls
You told us: We want to see our support calls resolved quicker by reducing the number of engineers we have to speak to.
What we did: We now have two support levels for Standard Connect customers.  The first is Technical Triage which will identify common issues and provide advice on resolution.  If your issue is unable to be resolved at this level, it will be passed to Technical Investigation. We have four Technical Investigation Teams, each working with a defined set of customers, and are encouraged to work with you on all your issues, rather than your issues being dealt with by a number of different engineers. In the event of an issue requiring further investigation, the engineer owning the incident/school will update you with their contact details as your point of contact. There will be no changes to our other escalation paths, any issues which require input or assistance from any other RM teams, such as 3rd Line, will still be escalated on your behalf.

Courier Consignment Numbers
You told us: Our courier collections can be confusing, because the courier doesn't know the specific item they are there to collect.
What we did: All "Return" service calls are now updated with the consignment number, which corresponds with the couriers paperwork, making it easier for you to identify which piece of kit is to be collected. We will also update the support call to advise you of your 'return' consignment number, allowing you to check which equipment is being returned.   

New Call Closure Category
You told us:
I've just had a call open where the end result was RM saying "we can't do what you want" yet when closing it, I still had to mark it as "resolved". Resolved, to me at least, implies that the issue has been fixed, which this one hasn't.
What we did: We have introduced a new call closure category, "Yes close the Call - Issue Unresolved"

Remote Access
You said:
 Our LA firewall prevents you from offering me remote assistance on my support contract.
What we did: We contacted the authority and now have an RSA token, allowing us to provide remote support to schools in the area.

Primary CC4
You told us:
You need to develop a CC4 network specifically designed for Primary Schools.
What we did: We have been developing such a network, look out for CC4 Store which will be launched on our website very soon.

Product Downloads
You told us:
Come on RM, be a bit 'greener' and stop sending software CDs
What we did: We now have product downloads via My Account, meaning you can go in and download your software whenever you want, reducing packaging and making it more convenient.

Small Schools
You told us:
We have less than 80 pupils, we don't need an all singing all dancing network
What we did: We are currently working on a product specifically for our smaller schools and nursery, again, we are hoping to release soon, so keep an eye on the website for further details.

Part Sales
You told us:
You're not always very efficient or competitive when I contact you for spare parts.
What we did: We have now changed the way we manage our spare parts business, meaning that responding to your requests are much quicker, we have a greater availability of spare parts in stock and we are more competitive.

Trapeze Documentation
You told us:
My Trapeze installation was great until things went wrong and I needed to find out more about the way it was installed.
What we did: Any customer ordering a Trapeze installation through RM will now be left with a comprehensive handover document which provides details about your configuration.

Respond to the Survey when YOU want to:
You told us:
Why can't I respond to the survey when I want to, I don't always have anything to say or want to respond when the pop-up box appears.
What we did: You can now respond to the survey via My Account without waiting for the pop-up box to appear (as long as you have not responded within the last 3 months)

Sales Resource
You told us:
The sales team behind the scenes are fantastic.  However, of late that team appears to be under huge amounts of additional work. The turnarounds on quotes have now lengthened to a time that our schools are not accustomed to. Please help speed up the response time.
What we did: We reviewed the workload and resource for this specific Sales area and arranged additional resources to help progress requests through this busy period.

Quotes from RM Group Companies
You told us:
Sometimes we don't get the same level of service from the RM Group companies
What we did: We are working with these companies to enhance their service standards and have "RM Specialists" in each company who can help progress any requests quickly.

Developers Forum
You told us:
We want to hear from your development team about what you are working on and to share our ideas with you
What we did: We now have a Community Connect Developer Forum on the RM Communities pages, where you can hear about updates from our developers and tell them what your thoughts