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RM Technical Seminars - Autumn 2009

Follow RMTechSeminars on TwitterThe Autumn 2009 Technical Seminars will be visiting a venue near you in November and December 2009.

The seminar sessions cover a wide range of topics that will be useful to ICT professionals working in UK Education. Many of our customers enjoy attending the seminars because it gives them the opportunity to discuss their ideas with like-minded people and to catch up with RM staff. The seminar team hope that you find some sessions that interest you and look forward to welcoming you to one of our events.

"As usual a Great day - All three main sessions were very good, web tools one was brilliant -
really interesting and applicable and great presenter!  I really look forward to the RM Technical
Seminars and I was not dissapointed!"

Gill Rhodes, Hagbourne Primary School

Duration1 day
Cost Entitlement from your Support Contract - additional places can be purchased at 85 + VAT
This course is not bookable online. Please contact us to express your interest in this course

Checking your entitlement

Your establishment is entitled to a limited number of delegate places, dependant on your support contract. Any delegates who attend beyond this entitlement will be charged 220 plus VAT.  If you are unsure of your entitlement, please read NWS1411417 to confirm the number of available places.

Literature & related materials

Session slides, notes, literature, tools and information sheets can be found at DWN1527952






Introduction & headline news



CC3 fine tuning

A day in the life

Switch on
network performance


Coffee break


Mac OS X:
Integration and control

Virtual sanity

Networks - hints and tips




Future technologies

CC4 Masterclass:
Station build

Internet nuts and bolts


Coffee break


Augmented Reality


Topic Preferences
When you book you will be asked to give an indication of which presentations you are likely to attend - don't worry we won't hold you to these, it's just to give us an idea of attendance for each session!

Session details

CC3 Fine Tuning 
Michael Oakes
Keeping everything running with less money is difficult, but you don't always need to go for a full kit refresh. This session will explore the three tier approach of keeping your network up to speed. I'll be focussing on tier two, upgrading hardware components. We'll look at making the most of your budget by understanding the speed and performance improvements different hard disk spin speeds and RAM types will give you. I will be going through moving your packages share to another server to free up space on the forest root and doing a short recap on backups, including some basics on Disk to Disk to Tape solutions. This session is designed to give you the ability to get CC3 running more quickly without the need for a big spend.

A Day in the Life
Gethin Nichols
The world around us has changed immensely with the rise of technology, and school life is no exception. This session will tell three stories through the eyes of teachers, parents and pupils, to see how they all survive a day in the life of the modern school. It gives a good overview of how infrastructure and classroom technology combine to create a modern learning environment, and looks at the direction that schools are heading - hopefully providing inspiration along the way.

Switch on network performance
James Tebworth
In the past we have discussed large powerful servers and how to get more performance with them, but to get this power down to the workstations we need to ensure the infrastructure is correctly configured. Using HP ProCurve Manager Plus (PCM+) software as an example we will look at network mapping and configuration, and then see how to monitor the flow of network traffic, and identify bottle necks and other network issues such as loopbacks all from one console.

Mac OS X: Integration and control
This session will introduce you to Mac OS X clients, demonstrate how they work and show how we can control them in standalone and network environments. In the current economic climate it makes sense to try to extend hardware life, add Mac and PC flexibility and reduce your support and management costs, so we will explore directory integration, policy control and some systems management options.

Virtual Sanity
Michael Oakes
Following on from James' Virtualisation Explained session seen last round where we established that virtualisation is a huge leap forward in IT, I'll be showing you RM AppAngel in action. With more information on how this product works behind the scenes it's going to be well worth attending this session. I will also explore RM's server virtualisation offerings and what this could mean for you and your establishment, now and in the future. And finally. well you'll have to attend the session to find out what the final section is about!

Networks - hints and tips
Gethin Nichols
If you have a network, or are thinking about implementing a network in your school, then you'll want to make sure that you are getting the very most out of it. There are many simple tasks that you can carry out to make sure everything stays up and running, making your life easier. This session will have a good look at some of these tasks, and explain what they are, why we do them, and how they help the network. Filled with examples, things to take back to the school, hints, tips and time saving tools, it could well surprise you how easy the first steps to effective network management can be.

Future Technologies
Gethin Nichols
Technology boundaries are moving so quickly, it's difficult to keep up with what the next big thing is going to be. We have teams dedicated to delivering innovations that are worthy of the true schools of the future, and this session aims to share a few of these revelations with you. From current technologies such as interactive tables and 3G streaming video devices, through the new advances in 3D projection and interactivity, and on to the technologies that just boggle the mind - including 3D printing and immersive environments. Find out what's at the cutting edge of educational thought. Gadgetastic!

CC4 Masterclass: Station build
James Tebworth
The station build process on CC4; no frills, just the diagnostic steps, hints and tips you'll need to get your workstations building exactly the way you want them.  The session will also spend some time explaining the reasons behind the change in build process and the advantages it offers.

Internet Nuts and Bolts
Michael Oakes
The Internet is everywhere these days. How many people actually understand what is happening when they connect up to the Internet? This session will look at what happens when you connect, the basics of wireless, optimising the Internet connections you have, and will show you some tools and tips to diagnose issues. We'll also look at ways to optimise the performance on a learning platform both at home and at school. This session is designed to demystify Internet technologies and give you the ability to pass the knowledge to non-techies.

Augmented Reality
James Tebworth
A technology that the majority of us have seen without even realising that we had! A technology offering possibilities that are vast, exciting and with a sprinkling of cool.  In this session we find out what augmented reality is, where you might have seen this before and how it could be at school near you very soon.


Our confirmed partners for this round are:

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