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Community Connect 3 Masterclass Essentials

This advanced course provides in-depth technical advice and practical experience essential to configuring and troubleshooting the core Community Connect 3 or RM Smart-Tools 3 tools and functionality.

This advanced course is tailored for experienced network managers and technicians with Community Connect 3™ or RM Smart-Tools 3™ networks. The course provides in-depth technical advice and practical experience, taking an 'under the bonnet' look at these networks, their tools and functionality.

For those of you interested in becoming an RM Certified Network Manager, this course covers 60% of the RM Certified Network Manager examination syllabus, with the remainder covered by our Application Integration training course.

If you want to take your RM Certified Network Manager examination, after attending this course, please remember to book your place.

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Duration2 days
Cost£770 (plus VAT)
This course is not bookable online. Please contact us to express your interest in this course


Delegates attending this course must have attended either the Managing Community Connect 3, Moving Forward with Community Connect 3, or Managing RM Smart-Tools 3 course. It is also recommended that delegates possess some Microsoft® Windows® experience.

Course objective

The key objective of this course is to enable attendees to increase network effectiveness and enable improved development, diagnosis and troubleshooting of networks through the provision of a greater understanding of Community Connect 3 and its component parts.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Describe how the Community Connect 3 RM Tools exploit Microsoft® Windows® Server/XP technologies.
  • Explain RM's implementation of the Active Directory and how the RM Management Console interacts with Directory Services.
  • Impose user restrictions and security settings, and understand how software restrictions and NTFS permissions work together to prevent pupils from causing malicious or accidental damage.
  • Use third-party tools to help when fine-tuning permissions on your workstations.
  • Create group policies to configure and fine-tune the users environment, the functionality, the use of workstations and much more.
  • Troubleshoot group policy problems using various tools.
  • Describe the RM package delivery mechanism in contrast to the Microsoft® Windows® delivery method.

There will be an opportunity to sit the RM Certified Network Technician examination at the end of the course.

Topic overview


  • Gain an understanding of the key features of Microsoft® Windows® Server and Microsoft® Windows® XP operating systems that can be exploited to benefit an educational environment.
  • An overview of the Microsoft® Windows® management tools that can assist in the administration of your network.


  • Understand the reasons behind RM's implementation of the Active Directory on Community Connect 3 networks.
  • An in-depth look at some of the key features and tools of Active Directory.


  • Understand the organisation of groups with Active Directory.
  • Look at the way groups are organised on a Community Connect 3 system including local and global groups.


  • Understand the rationale behind RM's implementation of Group Policy Objects, how they are created, where they are stored and how they are replicated between Domain Controllers.
  • Learn how to use Administrative templates and gain experience in troubleshooting Group Policy problems.


  • A detailed look at the software deployment process on a Community Connect 3 network.
  • Understand package structures and their relationship to Active Directory Objects and station.ini files.


  • Understand RM's implementation of Software restrictions in Community Connect 3.
  • Learn about the tools and methods available to help troubleshoot problems with packages.


  • An overview of the key components involved with the operation of multimedia titles on a Community Connect 3 network.
  • Understand how the core components interact and what log file information is available to help diagnose any problems.

Terms and Conditions

RM Training Terms and Conditions of Sale

Onsite training

This course can also be delivered onsite for £3500.  This price includes kit hire for the duration and training for up to 10 delegates. Please contact RM Training on 01235 826125 or to arrange an onsite course.